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Construction Security Firm Atlanta

What to Expect From a Construction Security Firm in Atlanta?

Avoid vandalism and other criminal activities!

Construction sites can be are attractive to vandals and thieves for a variety of reasons. Although these sites may be surrounded by tall, chain-link fences, this is not enough to hinder determined vandals from gaining entry and damaging equipment, or thieves from stealing and burglarizing the construction site.

Since machinery is normally parked or saved in the same location each night, and the on-site office is usually in a mobile home which once again, is always in the same place, determined vandals and burglars will eventually be able to acquire access, and take items and equipment that can delay the completion of the project.


PSI is committed to ensuring that your construction site is totally protected at all times. As one of the leading private patrol services in Georgia, we utilize just highly qualified and trained guard to implement a detailed construction site security plan, which we will develop to meet your company’s particular needs.

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Private Patrol Vehicle Security

Do I Need a Private Patrol Vehicle in My Business?

PSI Offers Security Patrol Vehicles 24/7 in the State of Georgia.

All patrol cars are driven by an armed guard. In order to qualify, our guards must be CPR/First aid certified, have 2 years of experience in the security field, and have the proper mace, baton, and exposed weapons permit. Guards should have their DMV report evaluated and pass a report writing test, physical test, and a level II background check, PSI guards are between the best trained in the industry. Reflective Patrol/Security Markings & Amber LED Lighted Strobe Lightbar.


Our Vehicles

PSI uses a number of different types of automobiles for numerous operations and customers needs. All vehicles are geared up with fire extinguishers, emergency treatment kits, jumper cables, two-way radios, spotlights, and a large number of other security equipment.


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